Where to purchase google apps for free

Google Apps is a service from Google providing customizable versions of it’s products under your own domain name. For example you can own email addresses such as name@yourdomain.com and access it through Gmail with all their great features, reliability, awesome spam filter and much more!

Unfortunately Google no longer offering the Standard Edition (free version) publicly since 2012 and now we have to pay $50/user/year to use the service that is known as Google Apps for Work. However, the changes doesn’t affect old accounts registered prior 2012, they can still be used for free. Read more here: https://support.google.com/a/answer/2855120?hl=en

We own lots of grandfathered Standard Edition Google Apps accounts and now we are selling them because we don’t use those accounts anymore. You can buy these existing account and start using Google Apps services without having to pay the recurring fees. So for example if you have 100 users you will be saving for about $5,000 per year!

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