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How its possible to get Google Apps for Free?

We are selling domains that have Standard Edition Google Apps account (the older FREE version). Prior to December 6, 2012, Google offered a free edition of Google Apps—also known as the Standard edition—that had a reduced set of business features. After December 6, 2012, Google stopped offering Free edition to new customers. If you already had the Free edition, you can continue using it for free. Read more here:


What is Google Apps grandfathered domain?

The domain with Google Apps Standard - Free Edition enabled is technically called Google Apps free legacy grandfathered domain. All domains we are selling, Google Apps Free Edition was subscribed prior December, 2012, before the official closure of Google Apps Free Edition.


Are there any monthly fees?

No, what you pay is onetime fee for the domain name. No more payment needed for the Google Apps account itself, they are grandfathered free version accounts which you can use for lifetime.


Can I change the primary domain?

No you can’t, it’s permanently tied with the account.


Should I continue to renew the primary domain?

Not required, but advised for security reason.


Can you transfer the domain to another registrar?

We can only “push” the domain within the same registrar; if you don’t have an account with them you can create one for free.


Can you send me your domain list to pick the one I like?

Sorry but we only offer random names, our domain inventory moves fast and we can’t guarantee availability of a certain name. Also we do not list our domains to protect future customer’s privacy and security.


How to check user’s licenses in Google Apps?

Login to your Google Apps Admin panel => Click the “Billing” menu, you will see the number of free users accounts/ licenses.


What's the user storage limit?

In Google Apps Standard Edition, every user get 15GB storage (Gmail + Google Drive). Unlimited storage per user on Google Apps for Education versions.


How I can pay you?

We accept PayPal payments in USD


Are there any monthly fees?

NO, what you pay is just one time payment towards purchase of the Primary Domain. You will get the super admin credentials of Google Apps Free licenses you can use free for lifetime. So, you don't need to pay us or Google any recurring fees for Google Apps.


May I know the list of domains to pick one?

Sorry! It’s not possible to offer you the list of available domains for your choice. Moreover, our domain inventory moves very fast and we can’t guarantee about availability of a certain domain of your choice. Actually the name of primary domain is no matter to you, as you'll add your own domain and use Google Apps services on it.


May I get refunds?

We'll refund your payment in full if you don't get the committed number of free user licenses of Google Apps along with the primary domain transferred/ pushed into your GoDaddy account within 24 hours of your confirmed order.


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